Why Lush LED?
Look at this chart closely, chlorophyll does not work alone to perform photosynthesis.
Lush Lighting products provide Chlorophyll with what it needs and the accessory pigments with what they need so everything works in harmony​!
Lush Lighting continues to invest in research so you can grow larger crops!
Lush Lighting warranties our own products out of Michigan and claims are handled with urgency. 
Lush Lighting inspects every light for defects and confirms each item is built to our high standards.
Lush Lighting is the only LED company you should trust with your prize garden.
Lush Lighting products only use the the highest output LED's and most reliable power drivers so you can have peace of mind your lights will work, day in and day out.
The LUSH Difference:
Photosynthesis can only perform up to the efficiency of its weakest link. This is why fueling your plants with the correct type of energy is so important. Notice all of the activity in the blue region. Why would anyone think that plants are using yellow, orange or red over blue? Because those colors are cheaper and easier to create with less engineering hurdles. This is what consumer's have been taught to believe. Other attempts by lighting companies to fully utilize these highly energetic blue photons were futile. Not understanding how plants transfer energy only creates a bottleneck of stored electrons and causes stress. When other companies gave up and quit, Lush Lighting turned to science and nature to learn more. Engineering a real grow light is not easy. There are still cheap LED's out there. 100's of companies have produced 1000's of products that all failed in the field. Not Lush. Our lights are converting long time HPS growers to LED!
Lush Lighting has combined biochemistry and engineering so your crops can grow bigger and healthier and become more potent!
Income from crop
Minus overhead w/labor
Revenue left over

Increase the yield of the same space 
by a full 30% with Lush Lighting products!

Lush farmer's income 
Minus overhead w/labor
Double your revenue! 

Lush Lighting's 435w Dominator will match the yield of HPS while the 650w Dominator XL series will increase it by 30%! Double your revenue compared to HPS!

These are the only LED's that will increase revenue while decreasing cost!
Increase aroma, flavor, density, potency and overall size of produce!
The future of illumination has arrived and the ability to grow healthier plants of more value is at your fingertips!
The LUSH Difference works for everyone:
Increase the yield of the same space by a full 30% while decreasing cost with Lush Lighting products!
Revenue from crop
Minus overhead w/labor
Earning a decent living

Lush farmer's revenue 
Minus overhead w/labor
Double your earnings 




 - $600,000






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Only LED grow light endorsed by
 Oaksterdam University!
Large operations record a 30% increase in yield when replacing 1000w HPS lights with 650w of Lush Lighting!